Recorded Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The demand for providers to change the way they deliver care to demonstrate more value is rampant. To make those changes requires clinical integration which centers, in essence, on analysis of data -- data that by definition demonstrates sub-optimal performance. That is the point of generating it. Little appreciated in recent discussions are the dual, powerful protections provided by the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act: (1) a privilege against disclosure or use in legal proceedings and (2) confidentiality which prohibits disclosure of 'patient safety work product'. The law can be used to protect far more than traditional patient safety data, like sentinel events. The internal data generated within groups, which is the foundation for improving value, can only be protected under this law. This one hour teleconference will look at how reporting to a PSO relates to clinical integration. It will also present practical guidance with an emphasis on physician groups and, why physician practice patient safety improvement ought to be part of clinical integration.

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This focused, one hour teleconference will offer 45 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q & A with a 9 page hand-out addressing:

  • How PSO reporting relates to clinical integration
  • Fundamental definitions
  • The scope of the protections
  • Creating a patient safety evaluation system
  • Physician practice patient safety issues
  • Resources specifically for physician practices
  • How networks can use this system