Recorded: September 22 and  September 29, 2020

Two Fundamental Tuesdays

Ins and Outs of The Billing Company Contract

Recorded: Tuesday, September 29, 2020 (2-2:45 EST, 1-1:45 CST; 12-12:45 MST, 11-11:45AM PST)

As enrollment challenges have increased, new CPT codes have emerged and the penalties for failed billing have increased, many physician practices have turned to outside billing companies to perform these activities for them. The contracts by which this happens do not get the attention they deserve. Many physician practices do not demand the accountability they should from their billing agents. These issues are compounded when the billing function is embedded in a much larger management contract with a health system, an MSO or some other entity. In this crisp, focused half hour session with fifteen minutes of Q & A and a 12 page substantive handout Alice Gosfield will elucidate many of the hidden whammies that lurk here.

  • What are the fee options?
  • How to use performance metrics
  • How are responsibilities allocated?
  • Communication regarding overpayments
  • HIPAA and data issues
  • What the OIG says about these companies
  • Effects of termination
  • …and more

Unraveling The Pitfalls in Medicare Physician Office Diagnostic Testing

Recorded: Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Diagnostic testing is a critical element of physician practice billing. However, offering these crucial services to the public, physicians providers must navigate Medicare's regulatory maze. From the basic reimbursement and supervision rules, to Stark, to the Anti-Markup Rule, to distinguishing billing by IDTFs, the regulations can be confounding. This crisp, focused half hour session with fifteen minutes of Q & A and a 12 page substantive handout Dan Shay will clarify the confusing crossroads of Medicare's regulations governing physician office-based diagnostic testing (except for clinical laboratory).

  • Basic Diagnostic Testing Reimbursement Rules
  • Medicare's Ordering and Supervision Rules
  • Diagnostic Testing vs. Incident-To
  • Stark: Groups, Internal Compensation, and Diagnostic Testing
  • The Anti-Markup Rule and How to Avoid It
  • IDTFs and Their Role in the Diagnostic Testing Space

$275 each
Billing Company Contract alone - Recorded
Diagnostic Testing alone - Recorded

$450 together
Both teleconferences - Recorded