Recorded  March 21 and April 4, 2019

Two Payment Thursdays

Based on our recent survey, we are offering two Thursday teleconferences dealing with two different aspects of payment to physician practices, regardless of the architecture in which they live (e.g., independent, system-based, etc.) Each crisp, focused program costs $275 for ½ hour of presentation, 15 minutes of Q & A and a substantive handout. It is the same price whether you buy the live conference or a recording. Both include a handout. If you buy both, there is a discount to $500, whether recording or live for either or both. (Scroll to the end to buy both.)

The 2019 Fee Schedule: What Does It Really Mean?

Recorded Thursday, March 21, 2019

The new Medicare Physician Fee Schedule introduces 4 entirely new ‘visit’ codes and 3 documentation changes effective immediately. There are also 3 new ‘visit’ codes for 2021 (with new payment) and new documentation options effective then. This session will focus on these issues only, which will challenge physician practices to manage effectively. We offer an 8 page handout with citations to the applicable policies and links to 4 additional free relevant articles.

• The legal and practical significance of these policies not being published in regulations
• How time becomes money under the new codes
• The new requirements effective today
• The new requirements effective in 2021
• Compliance tips to avoid problems

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The Modern Payer Contract: The Old, The New and Tips

Thursday, April 4, 2019
1-1:45pm EDT; 12-12:45pm CDT; 11-11:45am MDT; 10-10:45am PDT

The modern payer contract typically contains provisions that have long been around, requires new takes on old provisions, and presents entirely new provisions reflecting the new payment environment and the change in the emphasis to value and performance. This session offers a 10 page handout and links to 11 additional free articles addressing a wide range of issues in physician participation agreements.

• Context for negotiation
• Fundamental provisions
• New takes on old provisions including scope of participation, sites and services
• New issues if your contract is with a network and not a direct payer
• New compensation models and essential contract provisions including pay for performance, episode payments and bundled payments
• Disputes
• Data Issues

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