Recorded  October 26, 2017

Five years ago, we presented a teleconference on the pros, cons and practicalities of a group practice leasing itself to a hospital or health system, in lieu of employment. The group remains intact. Having done many more of these transactions since, and having had the earliest ones roll over, be renegotiated or terminated, we have learned a lot about how to prevent problems. This new, deeper, somewhat opinionated, presentation will draw on real experiences across the country. From the physician group perspective, Alice will address avoiding trouble by careful planning in the document, getting out and moving on, as well as issues that arise when a longer term arrangement has to be altered with respect to changes in the context over time. This presentation with an 11 page substantive handout is more timely than ever as consolidation in the industry abounds everywhere.

The teleconference will address:
  • Better than employment, why?
  • Basic principles
  • Pros and Cons in Variable Structuring
  • Scope of Services and Clinical Personnel
  • Exclusivity During the Term and Post-termination Restrictions: Really?
  • Duties: medical services, clinical integration, medical directorships, centers of excellence
  • Compensation and Valuation: base, bonuses, new payment models, adding and losing personnel, the critical role of the valuator
  • Billing and Management: where are the dangers in who does what
  • Realities of Medical Records Ownership, Space Leasing, Confidentiality
  • Dispute Resolution: where do tensions arise, processes of managing
  • …And More

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