For Whom The Sixty Day Bell Tolls: Risk and Reward in Physicians Returning Overpayments

Recorded  April 19, 2016

With less than a page of actual regulations, but 25 pages of discussion, the regulations addressing when and how to repay overpayments have some surprising elements. What triggers the obligation to report is now much broader than most people realize. This half-hour with fifteen minutes for questions teleconference will address what the regulations now codify, as well as practical issues associated with complying. Most compliance plans will have to be updated to take into account these rules. Failure to comply with them converts the monies not repaid into false claims. Many webinars will report what the regulations say. Few can address effectively what they mean beyond the rules about repayment. Our teleconference will do precisely that.

This teleconference is 30 minutes of presentation and 15 minutes of Q & A addressing:

• The definition of an overpayment
• What triggers the obligation to report
• How far back to look
• How to design a sample for extrapolation
• To whom to report and repay
• What to say when you do
• What are the implications the regulations do not address?

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