Social media sites are ubiquitous, even if their use reflects generational divides. For physicians, social media can offer opportunities for marketing and patient education, but comes with potential liabilities, as well. In addition, the unique relationship between physicians and patients as viewed by the law, can create challenges for physicians who use social media. In "Physicians and Social Media: Untangling The Web", Dan Shay elucidates the most common social media platforms and explains their differences and functionalities. He considers the potential liabilities for physicians under HIPAA, for malpractice and for defamation which can arise through the use of social media, both personally and professionally. He also addresses how physician office staff can generate problems. Then, he offers practical guidance, illuminating the somewhat different positions taken by various professional organizations including the AMA, AAFP and ACP. We are assisting our physician practice clients in developing policies regarding the use and functions of social media, for themselves, their employees and in relationship to patients. We also assist practices who have experienced improper disclosures or other social media related events associated with the practice and its staff.