Is Your Group a Group?

Recorded May 5, 2015

The August, 2014 Stark settlement with the OIG and DOJ for $1.33 million dollars by a New York private practice cardiology group for its internal compensation practices should be seen as a call to arms. Brought by a whistleblower, the settlement implicates all aspects of the definition of a group practice which must be met to qualify for two critical Stark exceptions -- referral for in office ancillary services and referral to another physician in the group. The regulations provide 8 criteria for whether a group qualifies. Our teleconference will provide insight into pitfalls and restrictions including profit sharing and productivity compensation rules, the distinctions in the two separate 75% rules and more. Fast paced and illuminating, in this focused 45 minute teleconference, Alice Gosfield will offer a handout, 30 minutes of didactic discussion and 15 minutes of Q & A. It is time to review your potential risks, where whistleblowers lurk.
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