What is excellence in health law?

With the national acknowledgements that our little firm has received, it is not by chance that we are recognized as excellent. We have real standards as to how we do our work. We think stating explicitly our views regarding what makes for excellence, and distinguishes us, offers a different perspective on what we do.

  1. We strive to understand not just our clients’ business but their values in performing their work. Physicians are entitled to the exceptionalism they enjoy in health care because they really are quite different from corporate actors. Alice has done frequent presentations on what makes physicians different and how that drives the way they conduct business. Many of our other clients seek to work with physicians; and we help them understand these differences.

  2. We read widely in the industry literature. We subscribe to many sources of information about health care generally and physicians in particular. We also stay abreast of the dynamism of health law through our interactions with the American Health Law Association, where we have both been speakers and where Alice served as President 1992-93 and chaired thirty programs for them over the many years she has been involved..

  3. We write and publish frequently on the topics on which we work. This creates both discipline and depth in our mastery of the issues that are brought to bear for our clients.

  4. We teach other attorneys as well as physicians and those working with them in seminars, webinars, and other programs including our own teleconferences, as well as programs
    offered by others who seek our participation. To teach others requires real command of the material to be presented. Like our publishing, this keeps us on our toes.

  5. We do not assume, nor take issues for granted. While we work often on the same problems so we can reply to clients quickly, we routinely go back to the actual language of the statute or regulation or policy at issue. We re-research issues we have looked at before. This continued plowing of the same ground has proven many times to have the beneficial effect of instigating further thinking on the matter at hand.

  6. We have formalized the values we bring to our relationships with our clients in Our Attorney-Client Compact™  which we believe is unique in the industry.

  7. We treat our clients the way we would want to be treated. Period.