Avoiding Modern Physician Compensation Pitfalls

Recorded June 14, 2022

It has been more than ten years since Alice Gosfield has done a teleconference focused specifically around physician compensation.  In this presentation with a 12 page handout (including links to 6 related more in-depth articles), she reviews 8 types of physician payment revenues from FFS to case rates, bundled payments, gainsharing and more.  She points out the perverse incentives of each, but also, what payer contract terms are essential to protect against pitfalls in each approach.

  • Brief review of the CMMI models as examples of the 8
  • Stark productivity payments, with illumination of what 'incident to' really means
  • Stark profit sharing and the overall profits requirements, clarifying how pods are allowed
  • Focusing on expenses instead of profit-sharing
  • Post-payment audits
  • Voluntary repayments

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